Trial and Error

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My husband and I, as per our doctor’s recommendation, went to see a fertility specialist in a coveted fertility clinic in Beverly Hills, California.  The clinic was downtown Beverly Hills in a beautiful, well kept sky scraper.  Upon arrival we were surrounded not by older couples, gay/lesbian couples, older man young woman or vice versa couples but by couples just like us.  Youngish in good shape middle of the road people.  It was quite eye opening for me personally.  I was under the impression that infertility only plagued old or sick people.

It really got me thinking about why is it that young couples are struggling to have children.  Upon some quick research I found out that it’s quite an epidemic now.  Yes, young professional couples ARE waiting to get married and ARE waiting to start families but that can’t be the only reason.  It’s quite concerning and I am curious that in a few years something will come out, some sort of study that explains infertility due to environmental or dietary changes.  Who knows?  It just seems peculiar.

The doctor was an absolute dream, she was kind but also realistic and explained everything perfectly.  We learned more about our bodies in her hour session than we bargained for.  In the coming weeks, tests were ran, questions were asked, the preparation for treatment began.

All in all I was diagnosed with “Unexplained Infertility” but my egg count was a tad low but not a show stopper at all.  My husband was perfectly fine and they ruled him out as the culprit.

All in all we went through seven rounds of IUI ( Intrauterine Insemination ).  No success.  I wish someone would have told us, “Hey, stop doing IUI, it’s not working.  You’re wasting time and money (and you’ve got neither to waste).”

But there we were going through the highs and lows of IUI.  Taking multiple shots per day in my stomach, having sex on a schedule – very tight schedule.  And writing checks for expensive procedures, medications and once the bank account was dry, we put the rest of the treatments on a credit card which ballooned up to just under $20,000.

The money was a big deal but with each negative pregnancy test, the emotional expense was taking a toll on me, my husband and our marriage.  That was the most difficult part.  Preparing ourselves mentally to never be parents.  Even as I write this, it’s difficult to think back at where we were at this time in our lives.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. We went through the exact same thing. I got to the place where I was at ease that I would never be a father (what a nasty roller coaster for a couple to go through). The money and the emotions got to us. Then a friend said she could help and I was very skeptical after all the years of trying but had nothing else to lose. Sure enough, within months we finally made it. Enjoy your miracle!

    1. Thanks Tim. We are finding that a lot of couples go through this struggle. It’s something that it’s hard to go through alone. Wish more people would open up about their struggle to help others and kill the shame and stigma. I’m so glad you and your wife got your little miracle as well 😍

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