This is the FUN Part of Getting Pregnant

Everyone my husband and I talked to kept saying things like, “just have fun”, “trying to get pregnant is fun”, “just relax”, we heard it all and at first it really was fun.  It brought us closer together, we would make time for each other, we would actually do stuff together like taking roadtrips, going to the beach, out to eat, museums, it was a good time in our marriage.


Octoberfest Roadtrip Up and Down the Central Coast of California

My husband was lucky enough to work about one and a half miles from home so when the ovulation kit showed a smiley face I would text him a photo of the smiley and he would rush home!  I was blessed enough to work from home so it made things easy.  We were doing EVERYTHING right and as the days turned to months and months turned into almost a full year, tensions grew, stresses increased and panic set in.  I truly thought I would never have a child.  Twenty year old me was okay with being childless but a switch turned on when I was 32 and I couldn’t turn it off – I needed to be a mother.

Eleven months and some odd days after we officially tried to conceive we braved the Los Angeles freeways and ventured to Beverly Hills to see a fertility doctor.  Not “JUST” a fertility doctor but a top notch, celebrity fertility doctor in a beautiful, state of the art clinic in the heart of Beverly Hills.  She came highly recommended by our physician who, herself, was trying to get pregnant for about five years at that time.  We went to see this doctor with all the hope in the world!