Baby Oliver Toys

Nautical Theme Derailed

Oliver in his Cat & Dogma Onesie Playing with his Musical Sheep

Before Oliver came home from his stay in the NICU I was buying baby items at a rapid pace. Because Oliver was born two months early my husband and I were NOT prepared. We should have been but we were also moving at the same time and we wanted to just buy the items at …

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Baby Oliver Fashion

Cat and Dogma

Why am I smiling? Because my Soft, Organic Cat & Dogma I LOVE YOU Onesie is on point

Please note, I purchased the items reviewed myself as a consumer, these were NOT gifted to me, I paid full price for these, this is an honest review / opinion not swayed by freebies. Seeing Oliver in the NICU made me want to wrap him up in something safe, something soft, something comfortable and adorable. …

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