Wind Howling, Kite Flying

Before I dive in, you have to know that we have been attempting to fly a kite successfully for about a year. It seems like there's just never enough wind. But finally this kite took flight on a windy beach in Cambria, California while we were vacationing there.

We actually purchased the 2 pack (linked here) one red and one blue . The 2 pack was actually less expensive to purchase than just 1. The 2 pack came with a red butterfly and a blue one.

After visiting the Hearst Ranch Winery (wine was just okay but the grounds, little shop and views were spectacular) we headed towards Cambria to a small section of beach right off Pacific Coast Highway. The wind was very strong and the temperature was about 57 degrees Fahrenheit (in early April). We bundled up and braved the tornado of sand and wind and made our way towards the beach. We were going to fly this kite, my husband was VERY determined and Oliver has been begging to see this kite in action for months.

Of course we didn't actually assemble the kite before coming out to the beach, we found a fairly calm spot between a hill and a big rock where the wind was much calmer. It took my husband, Brian, about 5-6 minutes to get the blue butterfly kite assembled. The kites in this set come with everything you will need and are simple to assemble, especially if you've done it before. The wind requirement for this kite to fly was marked as "medium". The kite did come with very basic instructions but they lacked detailed directions on how to attach the strings to the kite body. Brian, my husband, has put together kites in the past so he knew the basics but still it would have been nice to have instructions with clear pictures and detailed wording.

Once the kite was put together it was time for lift off! Since the wind was so strong the kite ended up taking flight right away!

The easiest way we found to do this was for me to hold the kite overhead and Brian held the handle with the string and we walked away from each other until the wind caught the kite and I let go of the kite (and Brian held on to the handle).

I think you can have your little one hold the handle/string but since Oliver doesn't have much experience with kites we decided to do the work to get it off the ground, next time, for sure, he'll be the one holding the string / handle before the kite goes up in the air.

Oliver was literally squealing with joy as the kite took flight! It was so awesome to see him so happy I couldn't stop giggling myself!

We only had about 3 crash landings. When the length of the string was too long, the kite would take a dive so we had to adjust the length until it stayed up.

Oliver kept yelling "Come on butterfly, don't get tired!". He had an absolute blast and none of us minded the cold and wind!

When it was time to go home Oliver held on to the kite all the way down the sand, up the boardwalk, through the parking lot and finally to the car. "Bye bye butterfly, time to go to jail", he said as we put the kite in the trunk. Jail? I honestly have NO idea what the poor butterfly kite did to deserve jail time.

What an amazing last day of our vacation, what amazing memories we made! I highly recommend, especially if you're near a beach, get yourself a kite or two and your little one will have at least 1 hour of fun and you'll love it too!

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