Mommy & Me Kid Art Box Volcano Project

The Mommy & Me Art Box (they just updated their product line and changed their name to Kids Art Box) is a monthly subscription box which we subscribed to for the next 12 months (and probably beyond). The Volcano Project came in the Earth Themed Box in the Mommy & Me series. This amazing and innovative subscription box for little ones started in 2020 it's new and truly superior to many others that have been around for a while. They really went above and beyond supplying entertaining and creative projects that utilize high quality items which are all included in your monthly box.

Even though some call Volcanoes "Earth's Zits" I still LAVA them! That was horrible... why don't we dive right into the project before I embarrass myself - it's too late, isn't it? ;)

We've been holding off doing this part of the subscription box until the weather cleared up and FINALLY today when Oliver asked "Can we do the volcano project today?" I was able to say YES!!!!

We ordered the Bees & Butterflies Box a few months back and really enjoyed it so we decided to subscribe to the Mommy & Me Art Box for the full 12 months, which included a free apron that Oliver is wearing in the photos. You can choose from a small array of colors.

Each project in the Mommy & Me Art Box comes in a color coded paper bag and the project instruction card has a matching dot so you know which items go with each project. The instruction cards are high quality shiny paper, with detailed step by step directions and colorful images and illustrations. There are 2 parts to the required materials list - one shows the items that come in the box and the other shows which items you will need from your home, don't worry the "home" items are things you already have such as scissors, paper towels, baking sheets and other items like that. For example, this project required vinegar, cookie sheet, measuring cup and paper towels from home. The boxes come very well stocked with 90% of the items included (which honestly is one of the best ratios I have found for these art box subscriptions).

We brought all the items outside and set up on our patio furniture, Oliver started "reading" the instructions, he loves to pretend he's reading based on the images he's seeing. I lined the cookie sheet with parchment paper and set up the "volcano" by using a small plastic bottle and molding clay around it to make it look like a volcano.

The clay was quite slimy and easy to work with but Oliver did not like the texture of it and it did get my hands very dirty (but they washed off immediately). Mom's can't have nice nails when they're doing art projects with their little ones. LOL.

We measured out 1/2 a cup of vinegar and added the red paint to make the "red hot lava". The instructions mentioned to add some dish washing detergent "for extra bubbles" so we did but we didn't see many bubbles so I think this step is optional and can be skipped.

I took the tiny zip lock baggie and filled the small plastic bottle inside our volcano with baking soda. I'm assuming you all know what came next.

LOTS of vinegar dyed with red paint being poured into the bottle until KABOOM! Mini Mount Vesuvius in action!

Oh I forgot to mention that the volcano apparently attracted a little yellow and black, buzzing friend who almost derailed the entire project. Take a peek at the video below of the entire project including the busy bee and my wonderful clean-up helper (it's Oliver).

Overall, this was a Mommy Win moment, it was easy to set up, most of the items were included, it was something we could do outside with some sun and fresh air.

Clean up was a big task but little ones adore helping so make sure you recruit them. I use an organic, safe for kids spray cleaner which Oliver LOVES to ... ahem... waste LOL.

But he's having fun so I'm having fun. Remember to go easy on the paper towels, to be kind to our environment, try investing in some microfiber cleaning rags that can be re-washed and re-used.

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