Babyzen YOYO Compact Travel System Stroller Arrival!

It took me 4 months but finally I found it! The perfect stroller. It arrived within 24 hours when ordered on Amazon. It was shipped from Buy Buy Baby through Amazon. Below are some details on price / color combination.

The average stroller (in 2021) costs between $50-$300, the average for an all-terrain stroller is about $130-$350. Luxury strollers cost $700 or more. This one, at just under $500 was a little bit on the pricey side but it's well worth the money. Future Karina can let you know that our stroller sold on Facebook Marketplace for $175 when we were done with it. So that is quite a nice return on investment.

The box was delivered by UPS when I was home with Oliver and my amazing mom. Since the driveway was a LONG steep staircase up from the house we carefully carried the box together and got to work assembling the stroller immediately. I remember that day vividly as Oliver was very fussy and didn't sleep or nap all day. The little guy just turned 4 months old and this mama was exhausted!

The stroller came with a carrying case, carry strap, rain cover with a storage bag and instructions of assembly. We read the instructions and also consulted good ol' You Tube to make sure we were putting the stroller together correctly. The process wasn't too hard but it did require quite a bit of strength to pull tight the fabric pieces over the frame of the stroller. The back of it never quite got pulled hard enough and was always a hair out of alignment - but it was something only my mom and I noticed as we put it together and we won't tell if you won't tell.

The stroller is an absolute dream to use, it's SUPER lightweight, SUPER DUPER foldable and it fit Oliver perfectly even though he was born premature and was SUPER tiny we were able to adjust the seat so he could fit nicely (even better than the BOB stroller that I had at the time). I would most definitely suggest the Babyzen YOYO for super tiny babies (and of course regular size babies too).

Once we put the stroller together it was time for some fresh, ocean air on the balcony. Which fortunately resulted in some napping by Oliver (and our little Pomeranian, Prada).

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