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Hibernating Olibear

Nested Bean Zen Sack Classic Cotton Honey Bear - Malibu Karina -

Before I had Oliver I really didn’t care about babies.  I mean, I desperately wanted to have a child but I never stopped at Target to ooooh and aaaah at baby clothes.  Even when I was pregnant that didn’t interest me at all. I was just so focused on making sure that the little human …

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Halloween Ice Screams

Ice Cream Cone Halloween Baby Costume Photoshoot with Cuddle+Kind Deer

2017 marked Oliver’s very first Halloween.  It is not my favorite holiday, in fact, it’s probably one of my LEAST favorite holidays.  Something about it just doesn’t jive with me. But, since I am a new mommy I figured I should try to get in the spirit.  Only about 3 years ago did I carve …

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