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Why am I smiling? Because my Soft, Organic Cat & Dogma I LOVE YOU Onesie is on point

Please note, I purchased the items reviewed myself as a consumer, these were NOT gifted to me, I paid full price for these, this is an honest review / opinion not swayed by freebies.

Oliver in his Cat & Dogma Onesie Playing with his Musical Sheep
Oliver in his Cat & Dogma Onesie Playing with his Musical Sheep

Seeing Oliver in the NICU made me want to wrap him up in something safe, something soft, something comfortable and adorable. I came across Cat and Dogma while doing a search on Amazon for Organic Baby Clothing. As a first time mom I had no idea what was out there and was trying to sift through the thousands of “organic” brands.

Cat and Dogma stood out to me because of their SUPER cute onesie and pant combos. These guys are geniuses as they package their onesies in sets of two, one is a print and the other a solid featuring the primary colors from the print.  As shown on my model (my son Oliver).

Happy Two Month Birthday Little Angel
Happy Two Month Birthday Little Angel – Modeling the Still too Large Cat & Dogma bodysuit

He is wearing two onesies from the packet – one is a solid cream and sage and the other is a print featuring I love you throughout.  The matching pants come in the print version of the onesies and are purchased separately. This is so great as I find that Oliver’s onesies get dirty MUCH more often than his pants so I can swap out the onesie and keep the pants and sill keep him stylish.  He sometimes spits up, gets milk or formula gummed up around the collar, gets sweaty or poopy around the leg openings and for some reason his pants are ALWAYS clean and his onesies look like they were through a war zone.

Don't Be Envious, I Look GOOD in Green
Don’t Be Envious, I Look GOOD in Green

The first items I bought were this I love you print in sage green the onesie set which included an all over print of I love you’s and the other was cream colored with sage green trim, I also bought the matching diaper friendly leggings which had the I love you print with green trim. I absolutely adore how gender neutral Cat and Dogma is – no masculine dinosaurs and trucks or feminine ballerinas or mermaids – everything is classic and fitting for a boy or girl.  And I just found out that Oliver looks AMAZING in Sage Green.

Once I discovered Cat and Dogma on Amazon, I quickly went to their website to check out their mission statement as well as more items. I fell in love with the company! These guys really talk the talk and walk the walk. The items are made without any chemicals from organically grown cotton. The lifecycle begins with even the field workers who pick the cotton not being exposed to any chemicals, the cotton is processed in a safe way for your baby as well as the people who make your clothes. It’s truly amazing!  I’m a firm believer if you treat your workers right your product and customers will be happy.

I Hope We're Going Out Because I Look GOOOOOD
I Hope We’re Going Out Because I Look GOOOOOD

I found that most organic clothes are just plain BORING – not Cat and Dogma, their prints are so rich, so vibrant and their items are silky soft. Oliver LOVES wearing them – they are comfortable for play and for sleep. The size information is imprinted on the garment so there are no pesky neck tags. The items are hard to find at a discount so most likely you’ll be paying close to full price which may be a deterrent for some folks. They do run seasonal sales, probably when new prints are about to come out, so if you can wait, snag a plethora of different prints during one of their big sales. Otherwise a onesie pack will set you back in the $30 range and the pants are just under $20. So the stuff ain’t cheap but if you order a size up your little one can enjoy them for months to come.

I'm Coming for You Octopus
I’m Coming for You Octopus

My Oliver is right now 3 months old and I ordered the 6-12 month old, sure it’s a little big but he still looks super cute. Please note the outfit he is wearing in these photos is sized 0 to 3 months and he is approximately two to four months old in the photos. Once I realized how quickly he grew, that’s when I started purchasing the larger sizes.  Advice I can give new moms who are fashionistas like myself, only buy Carter’s or Gerber white long sleeve and short sleeve onesies for your newborn up to three months old.  Don’t bother with designer clothes as between birth and three months old you and your little one will be locked up in the house.  Between feedings, changing, soothing temper tantrums, you, your husband and the little one will be the only ones who will see the baby’s cute outfits.  So just plain don’t bother until they are over three months old.  I spent several hundreds of dollars on Newborn to Three Month outfits and he outgrew them so fast that some of the clothes still have tags on them!

The Cat and Dogma items I would say run pretty true to size, but perhaps just a tiny bit on the small side. They wash beautifully. I washed his dozens of times and the print is still vibrant, the snaps are intact and the elastic is excellent and the neckline is minimally stretched out. I even think they may be getting softer with each wash. I use the COLD setting with my Charlie’s powder detergent and the Laundress fabric softener / clothes conditioner and always wash the items inside out with all the snaps buttoned. I also dry these in the dryer at a LOW setting.

My parents are pretty awesome
My parents are pretty awesome

Go ahead and check out their About Us page to get more information. But all in all I give this company a GREAT rating. I would LOVE to see KIMONO style onesie since Oliver HATES to have anything touch his head, getting onesies on him is a battle and he absolutely HATES wearing any kind of hats (which is a shame because I bought matching hats for all his outfits).

My Nemesis, The Sun Hat
My Nemesis, The Sun Hat

Visit them at for the occasional coupon code and Follow them on Instagram, their page features the most delicious little babies.

Now Listen Here.....
Now Listen Here…..

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