Baby Oliver

A Special Moment Recreated

Malibu Karina - - I love you Munchkin
Malibu Karina - - Beautiful Breezy Lazy Sunday
Beautiful Breezy Lazy Sunday

On a typical weekend in Malibu we usually try to stay at home and enjoy relaxing and spending time as a family.

Malibu Karina - - Beautiful Day in Malibu
A Beautiful Day in Malibu

Mostly because Malibu fills up with tourist EVERY weekend, Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) crawls to a stop, all the trails are single file, illegally parked cars EVERYWHERE and tourists taking in the sights at every beach.

Malibu Karina - - Nice Walk Along The Pacific
A Walk Along The Pacific

Us locals typically venture out on weekdays only.

Malibu Karina - - Come Here Handsome
Come Here Handsome

This Sunday though, the weather was so pleasant and we thought that most folks would have taken their vacation already so we decided to visit Bluffs Park.

Malibu Karina - - Oliver at Bluffs Park in His Cat & Dogma Bicycle Orange Outfit
Oliver is Stylish in His Cat and Dogma Bicycle Outfit

Traffic was just bad (not horrible) but the park was full of people.  We walked a little bit further to find a quiet place to snap some photos.

Malibu Karina - - Maybe He'll Be A Pro Bike Racer Olympian
Maybe Oliver Will Be A Cyclist?

The sun was beating down but the breeze was nice and cool.

Malibu Karina - - Daddy's Little Future Olympian
Daddy’s Future Olympic Cyclist

Plus I didn’t break my Pokemon Go streak so that was pretty nice.

Malibu Karina - - Cat & Dogma Orange + Bicycle Onesie and Harem Pant
Cat & Dogma Organic Orange + Bicycle Onesie and Harem Pant

When Oliver was born, Bluffs Park was the very first place he went to outside our neighborhood.

Malibu Karina - - Organic Orange Outfit
Daddy’s Favorite Color is ORANGE!

I have this gorgeous photo of the two of us, that my mom took that just oozes with love.

Malibu Karina - - This Is The Photo We Were Trying To Recreate (it didn't work)
This Is The Photo We Were Trying To Recreate (it didn’t work)

I begged my husband to recreate it.

Malibu Karina - - Fun Little Organic Outfit From Cat & Dogma
Stylish and Easy Makes Cat & Dogma One Of Our Favorite Baby Clothing Lines

So we marched down to the cliffside and I cooed and aaaahhhed at Oliver but he was NOT having it.  He wouldn’t smile, he just kind of rolled his eyes and sighed.

Malibu Karina - - Orange Outfit and Orange Stroller Just Because
Orange Outfit and Orange Stroller Just Because

It’s true, special split second moments cannot be recreated.  We have to enjoy each and every nanosecond with the baby because we’ll blink and he’ll be grown.

Malibu Karina - - Just Strolling Along in Malibu
Oliver Is Only Happy When The Wheels Are Turning