Baby Oliver Fashion

Cat and Dogma

Why am I smiling? Because my Soft, Organic Cat & Dogma I LOVE YOU Onesie is on point

Please note, I purchased the items reviewed myself as a consumer, these were NOT gifted to me, I paid full price for these, this is an honest review / opinion not swayed by freebies. Seeing Oliver in the NICU made me want to wrap him up in something safe, something soft, something comfortable and adorable. …

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This is the FUN Part of Getting Pregnant

Everyone my husband and I talked to kept saying things like, “just have fun”, “trying to get pregnant is fun”, “just relax”, we heard it all and at first it really was fun.  It brought us closer together, we would make time for each other, we would actually do stuff together like taking roadtrips, going …

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Baby Oliver

Hitting Highs and Lows Without Moving

In 2012, after eight years of wedded bliss my husband and I finally decided it was time to have a baby.  Or babies since my husband is an identical twin, we were hoping to have two and “get it over with”.  We have just purchased a house in a nice, suburban neighborhood, my husband’s job …

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